Passenger Handling Services

Passenger check-in

Providing check-in counter services like issuance of boarding pass and documentation checks.

Boarding gate management

Providing gate arrival and departure services. The agents meet a flight on arrival and provide departure services including boarding passengers and closing the flight.

Passenger facilitation

The Passenger Facilitation focuses primarily on the crucial areas of passenger process with the aim to provide an “end-to-end passenger experience that is secure, seamless and efficient”.

Missing luggage / baggage tracing

Loading / unloading and tracing of baggage.

Crew transport arrangement

Providing arrangement for crew transport to and from your chosen hotel.

Load control facilitation

Responsible for ensuring that accurate weight and balance data is generated in order to support safe, compliant and efficient flight operations.

Special needs passenger assistance

We offer extra attention to disabled and reduced-mobility passengers and to passengers with special needs.

Charter service facilitation

A comprehensive array of services that takes care of all your VIP needs such as luxury vehicles on the ramp to exclusive accommodation can be arranged thus providing the best for our customers. .


Providing airline representatives, responsible for handling ticket reservations, cancellations, alterations, and informing customers when a flight has been delayed or cancelled.